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In addition to your $50 referral payment per new Dexcomm customer referral, you also have the opportunity to receive bonus prizes too!

Do you remember going to your favorite game spot as a child, and saving up your tickets to trade them in for the best toy available? Well, that is exactly how our Voices tiered system works. You can cash your referrals in as soon as you reach any tier, or you can wait to build them up for larger prizes.

Take a vacation on us, enjoy a night on the town, or a get a message. Don’t worry about your calls, we can handle those!

2017 offerings listed (adjusted annually). Prize offerings are subject to change ONLY if specified products are discontinued. Should this occur, price equivalent prizes will be offered in the items stead. Pre-arranged travel and transportation prizes will be non-refundable. Also, once a chosen item has been requested, no order changes can be made.